Information On The Invokana Amputation Lawsuit

Being in a situation where the treatment gets in the way of one’s health is never good.

This is one of the main concerns that has been listed when it comes to Invokana. This is a drug that is used to help treat Type 2 Diabetes but has become a concern for patients who were prescribed it, and the FDA has gone along with this reality.

It is important to look at the lawsuit that has been set up by lawfirm for defective drugs for those who have come out on the wrong end of this after it was approved by the agency.

Increased Risk of Amputation

Amputations are not the outcome a person wants, and that is where Invokana has become a proven issue.

Studies done by the FDA stated there was an increased risk of a patient needing their limbs to be amputated if they were taking the drug to treat Type 2 Diabetes. Yes, the same drug that was being used as a solution may have ended up becoming a reason for people’s biggest issues.

This is a concern that has been mentioned at numerous levels and is one that is going to become a point of concern for those who are already dealing with the repercussions.

Important to Seek Compensation

Compensation is what a patient may have in front of them if Invokana was the reason for their amputation.

Since the drug was not coming with a clear boxed warning before May 2016, there is a possibility those who had to deal with an amputation can claim compensation in their case because that is legally just. If this is a reality someone is dealing with, it is best to go ahead and speak with a legal professional for the upcoming lawsuit that is going to be set up. This is an opportunity to get what is yours as a patient that had to deal with Invokana’s side effects.

Compensation isn’t a solution that is reserved for those who may have seen clear side effects but for anyone that came in contact with Invokana at the time before it had a clear warning on it. This is pertinent and something a patient should be looking into as soon as they can because it is their rights that have been infringed upon.

Is this the solution that was offered to you as a patient? If it was, it is time to seek compensation and get what is yours.

Boxed Warnings

What is the FDA doing at this point?

They are looking to keep the drug going but have realized there is an issue that comes along with it and that is why they include a boxed warning to go along with Invokana. Is this enough for those who are going to be taking it as a treatment for their condition?

This is one of those scenarios that is going to require legal counsel for those who are in this position and may have been dealt a bad hand.

Invokana is not a drug that has been used for patients and is one that has led to a lot of concerns for those who were taking it without warning being there. For those who are in this position and feel unsafe, it is important to look at the consequences of what this drug has done even after the FDA warning was set up. For those who have had to deal with an amputation because of the increased risk, it is possible to go out and seek compensation for what has occurred. It is an opportunity to retain your legal rights.